Cars are more than just a means to get from point A to point B.

While beauty is without a doubt purely in the eye of the beholder, there are certain cars whose sleek lines, luscious curves, or sheer aggression make them universally loved. Well, at least universally loved here at Business Insider.

These cars cover a broad spectrum— ranging from sports cars to SUVs, and from fire-breathing supercars to hybrid grand tourers.

For 2019, we've updated our list to reflect the latest and greatest from the world's automakers:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Many auto sites evaluating the first part of Giulia are not really impressive, strange and not for the majority of consumers. However, overall, the Giulia is very beautiful and has an eye. This sports car has a perfect ratio, long hood and cabin set to the rear wheels, body surface and very delicate details.

Alfa Romeo Giulia (Ảnh: Caranddriver)

Aston Martin DBS

If any car manufacturer knows how to create a nice car, then it's Aston Martin. The DBS template is both the latest model of the brand and the best expression of the current design language. The car has a square design, masculine, short front protruding, and wide fenders give it great proportions.

Aston Martin DBS (Ảnh: Caranddriver)

BMW i8

BMW i8 is equipped with powerful i8 hybrid technology but is integrated in a neat chassis. This model will challenge every competitor in the sports car segment.

BMW i8 (Images: Caranddriver)

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron is a valuable upgrade of the Veyron model. In the new generation, Bugatti Chiron proved a completely new design, molting compared to its predecessor. The car has a strong and masculine design. The entire rear is equipped with a large mesh grille with taillights that are sophisticatedly integrated into the blank. Each side of the car is designed into a C-shaped shape that bends around the door and forms two separate parts with two different colored arrays.

Bugatti Chiron (Images: Caranddriver)

Infiniti Q60

Infiniti Q60 is equipped with slimmer head, sportier front bumper and sleek tail. Above the roof will form an arc.

Infiniti Q60 (Images: Caranddriver)

Jaguar XJ

The front of the Jaguar XJ is the most valuable point on the car and becomes a feature of the Jaguar models.

Jaguar XJ (Images: Caranddriver)

Lexus LC

Lexus LC has been conceptualized since 2012 and put into production four years later. Like Lexus's previous LC line, the Lexus LC has a radiator featuring an hourglass shape.

Lexus LC (Images: Caranddriver)

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Highly rated in the roadster segment (convertible), the Mazda MX-5 Miata stands out with its modern beauty, suitable for all customers.

Mazda MX-5 Miata (Images: Caranddriver)

Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe

All designs of Mercedes-Benz are beautiful, but the Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe is outstanding in the market thanks to the high-end details from materials for automobile production. In terms of design, Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe creates moderate curvature in the upper part of the car and is like a yacht on land.

Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe (Images: Caranddriver)

Volvo V90

Volvo V90 features outstanding decorative lines and highlights at the front. Compared to Volvo models, Volvo V90 models have a larger design than usual, creating a luxurious and masculine beauty.

Volvo V90. (Images: Caranddriver)

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